Should you trust this guy?

By the end of my Master’s degree in Computer Science, I was sure my future was in the academy. I dreamed of inventing new software systems that could actually help people.

I managed to enter the PhD program. Exactly halfway through it, I was sure my future wasn’t in the academy anymore. The environment was depressing, and I just couldn’t stand working under someone I disagreed with.

From my shattered dreams, though, a new hope blossomed. I searched for months how to carve my own path, and I finally stumbled into professional blogging. It seemed the perfect match for my learning and teaching talents.

I launched a photography site (in my first language, Italian), which grew to 300000 monthly page views exclusively through SEO. It immediately started making money through affiliate programs and my own guides and video courses. (I sold the site in 2023)

Then, I co-founded a podcast and business to help Italians learn about digital entrepreneurship. There, I helped several people create content, build infoproducts and sell them. Recently, we are focusing more on the digital tools that help automate a business and save time for the things that matter.

In 2022 I started building my personal brand in English, part-time. I want to invest all my experience to help people who want to create content consistently and get attention, recognition and clients by sharing what they know.

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I’m helping my audience through my content and emails:

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