Here’s how I can help you

I started creating content in 2010, and I never stopped. It’s the source of my earnings, the center of my life. A business based on content gives you unimaginable freedom. But it doesn’t come naturally.

Over the years, I talked and worked with countless people who wanted to grow their business through content. They dreamed of that freedom. But they missed the opportunity. Two foundational problems blocked them: no consistency or consistency without improvement.

I can help you solve both these problems with 1:1 support. How?

  • I can review your existing content workflow and habits to eliminate the bottlenecks.
  • I can design a workflow and habits to make you a consistent creator, even in the face of a hectic life.
  • I can help you find the simplest and fastest tool stack to make your work smooth.
  • I can help you define a content and communication strategy to improve your results and increase the engagement.
  • I can review your articles, edit them, suggest effective headlines.

Does it seem too much?

Well, remember I’ve been doing this for 14 years. I had enough time to try everything, from SEO blogs, to podcasts, to YouTube, to social media. I’ve seen platforms and tactics come and go, I’ve extrapolated the first principles, what always works, what always fails.

I know, you can’t believe everything on the internet. So, here’s some proof.

If you think I can help you, submit the form below. Tell me about your situation, your goas, and what’s blocking you.

See you soon!

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